A más crisis, más Rock'n'roll ¡Hey ho, let's go!

A más crisis, más Rock'n'roll ¡Hey ho, let's go!
Es posible que en algún momento parezcamos abatidos pero, mientras la música suene, siempre tendremos la fuerza necesaria para levantarnos una y otra vez.

¡¡Bienvenidos!! Sentid la brisa marina y escuchad el ritmo de las olas del confín del mundo.

¡¡Bienvenidos!! Sentid la brisa marina y escuchad el ritmo de las olas del confín del mundo.

jueves, 30 de abril de 2015

Música // Jukebox #26 · Abril 2015

Foto: Thomas Hoepker. USA, 1963.
 Jukebox #26 · Abril 2015
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A1 - Feeling Good:
Nina Simone '
I Put A Spell On You; Philips, 1965' 
A2 - Feelin' Good:
Cy Grant Featuring  Bill Le Sage 'Cy & I; World Record Club, 1965' 


B-1 - To Be Young, Gifted And Black  
Nina Simone 'To Be Young, Gifted, And Black / Save Me; RCA Victor, 1969' [Single 7" US] 
B1.01 - (To Be) Young, Gifted and Black   
Bob Andy and Marcia Griffiths 'Young Gifted and Black; Trojan Records, 1970'
B1.02 - (To Be) Young, Gifted and Black (versión sin cuerdas)   
Bob And Marcia / Barrington Briggs 'Young, Gifted And Black / My Cheri Amour; Escort / Pama, 1970' [Single 7" UK] 
B1.03 - Young, Gifted And Black   
Aretha Franklin 'Young, Gifted And Black; Atlantic, 1972' 

B2 - 
Song To The Siren (1967)  
Tim Buckley 'Morning Glory: The Tim Buckley Anthology; Elektra / Rhino Records, 2001' 
B2.01 - Song To The Siren (1970)  
Tim Buckley 'Starsailor; Straight / Warner Bros. Records, 1970' 
B2.02 - Song To The Siren  
This Mortal Coil 'It'll End In Tears; 4AD, 1984' 
B2.03 - Song To The Siren  
Robert Plant 'Dreamland; Mercury, 2002' 

C1 - On The Beach
The Paragons 'On The Beach; Treasure Isle, 1967' 
C2 - Feel Like Jumping:  
Marcia Griffiths / Lester Sterling 'Feel Like Jumping / Wiser Than Solomon; Studio One, 1968'


D1 - Get On Top 
D2 - Honk Kong Bar 
D3 - Make It Right:
Tim Buckley '
Greetings from L.A.; Straight / Warner Bros Records, 1972'

E1 - My Father
This Mortal Coil 'Filigree & Shadow; 4AD, 1986' 
E2 - My Father
Judy Collins 'Who Knows Where The Time Goes; Elektra, 1968'


F1 - Hello, Hooray:  
Judy Collins 'Who Knows Where The Time Goes; Elektra, 1968'
F1.01 - Hello Hooray: 
Alice Cooper 'Billion Dollar Babies; Warner Bros. Records, 1973'
F1.02 - Hello, Hooray:
Rolf Kempf

F2 - 
I'm A Believer: 
The Monkees 'More Of The Monkees; Colgems Records, 1967' 
F2.01 - I'm A Believer:
Robert Wyatt 'I'm A Believer / Memories; Virgin, 1974' [Single 7"] 
F2.02 - I'm A Believer:   
Bram Tchaikovsky 'Strange Man, Changed Man; Radar Records, 1979'
F2.03 - I'm A Believer:   
Neil Diamond 'Just For You; Bang Records, 1967'
F2.04 - I'm A Believer:  
Four Tops 'Reach Out; Motown, 1967' 
F2.05 - I'm A Believer:  
Wanda Jackson 'The Many Moods Of Wanda Jackson; Capitol Records, 1969' 

G1 - Caught in a Dream 
G2 - I'm Eighteen 
G3 - Black Juju 
G4 - Is It My Body:
Alice Cooper 'Love It To Death; Straight / Warner Bros. Records, 1971' 


H1 - Fire
H2 - I Put On A Spell On You:
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown 'The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown; Track Record, 1968' 

I1 - Girl, You'll Be A Woman Soon
I2 - Cherry Cherry
I3 - Solitary Man
Neil Diamond 'Just For You; Bang Records, 1967' 


J1 - Last Train To Clarksville
The Monkees 'The Monkees; Colgems, 1966'


K1 - Alifib
Robert Wyatt 'Rock Bottom; Virgin, 1974'


L1 - Airport
L2 - Forget About You:
The Motors 'Approved By The Motors; Virgin, 1978' 


M1 - Hurt: 
Nine Inch Nails 'The Downward Spiral; Nothing Records / Interscope Records / TVT Records, 1994'
M1.02 - Hurt: 
Johnny Cash 'American IV: The Man Comes Around; American Recordings, 2002'

M2 -
Hold Back The Night: 
The Trammps 'The Legendary Zing Album; Buddah Records, 1975' 
M2.01 - Hold Back The Night: 
Graham Parker And The Rumour 'The Pink Parker EP · Hold Back The Night / (Let Me Get) Sweet On You / White Honey (Live) / Soul Shoes (Live); Vertigo, 1977' [Single 7" · EP]
M2.02 - Hold Back The Night: 
Bill Deal And The Rhondels 'Hold Back The Night / I Can't Leave You 'Cause I Love You; Beach Beat Records, 1981' [Single 7"]
M2.03 - Scrub-Board:  
The Trammps Sixty Minute Man / Scrub-Board; Buddah Records, 1972’ [Single 7”, US]

N1 - head like a hole:
nine inch nails 'pretty hate machine; TVT Records, 1989' 


Ñ1 - The Beast in Me
Johnny Cash 'American Recordings; American, 1994'
Ñ2 - The Beast in Me
Nick Lowe en 'The Impossible Bird; Upstart Records / Demon Records, 1994' 

O1 - White Honey
Graham Parker And The Rumour 'Howlin' Wind; Vertigo, 1976'


The White Stripes ‘White Blood Cells; Sympathy For The Record Industry, 2001’ 
P1.01 - Fell In Love With A Boy:  
Joss Stone 'The Soul Sessions; Relentless Records / Virgin / S-Curve Records; 2003'
Richard Cheese 'Tuxicity; Ideatown Records / Surfdog, 2002' 

P2 - Delilah:  
Tom Jones 'Delilah; Decca, 1968'
P2.01 - Delilah:
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band 'Live; Vertigo, 1975'
P2.03 - Delilah:  
P.J. Proby 'Best of the EMI Years 1961-1972; EMI Gold, 2008' 

Q2 - We're Going to Be Friend
Q3 - Dead Leaves And The Dirty Ground
Q4 - Offend In Every Way:
The White Stripes 'White Blood Cells; Sympathy For The Record Industry, 200

R1 - The Faith Healer:
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band 'Next; Vertigo, 1973'

S1 - Girls, Girls, Girls:
Richard Cheese & Lounge Against The Machine 'I'd Like A Virgin; Ideatown, 2004' 
S2 - Girls, Girls, Girls:
Mötley Crüe 'Girls, Girls, Girls; Elektra, 1987'


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